Axon Synapse Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Axon Synapse Quick Start Guide. Here, you’ll find everything necessary to get started with Axon Synapse and Axon Server.

Introducing Axon Synapse

Axon Synapse is a standalone executable that enables non-Java applications to easily communicate with the Axon Server. This enables developers to send and receive commands, queries, and events from Axon Server using their preferred programming environments, such as:

  • C# .NET

  • Python 3

  • Python 2

  • Node.js

  • Typescript

  • Rust

  • … and any language that supports HTTP

Axon Synapse architecture overview

Axon Synapse works as an HTTP Bridge between third party applications written in any HTTP-capable language to publish and consume (send and receive) commands, queries, and events from the Axon Server.

Although developers have created various types of applications using Axon Synapse and Axon Server, it’s best suited for microservices architectures. Axon provides an innovative and powerful way of sensibly evolving to event-driven microservices within a microservices architecture.